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Baal Predator update

If you were following the progress of my new Baal Predator, here is an updated pic! Enjoy.

Tactics: Army List 1750

So, my new list is as follows:


Assault Squad One
Extra armor

Assault Squad Two
Extra Armor

Assault Squad Three
Extra Armor

Tactical Squad
+5 marines

Furioso Dread
Death Company
Extra Armor
Heavy Flamer

Attack Bike
Multi Melta

Multi Melta
Heavy Flamer

Baal Pred One
Heavy Bolters
Storm Bolter
Extra Armor

Baal Pred Two
Heavy Bolters
Storm Bolter
Extra Armor

Baal Pred Three
Heavy Bolters
Storm Bolter
Extra Armor

Death Company x4
Extra Armor

My list works very well. I win most of my games, and rarely lose nowadays. The only real problem is that my Assault Squads have no teeth. My tactic is to rush my rhinos ahead to sit on objectives. I rarely deploy the Assault Squads inside. But it seems that the last few weeks, I have been forced to unload them and assault. The problem is that they have no teeth. Lacking a fist or power weapon really hurts them. Last game was a prime example, I was in assault against a stupid Tau Suit and couldnt kill it... A single power sword in there would have changed that. So, I have decided to drop my attack bike, and put a power sword into each of my assault squads, and add a Melta Bomb to the Sgt. in the Tactical Squad. (In my last game, he assaulted a Tau Transport, alone, and actually destroyed it with Krak Grenades!) If he is going to be doing that, he needs something stronger.

Why am I dropping the bike? Because EVERY GAME, he comes on the table, moves 12", shoots his Meltagun, and misses. He never gets to shoot it twice. People HATE attack bikes and he takes a lot of shots. BUT, not as many as I would like. Its ok if he soaks up firepower that would normally go against a Predator, but usually guys just shoot one strong gun at it and kill it. This is a free kill point, and little value to me. I think those 50 points are way better spent in power weapons for my squads. What yas think?


Battle Report: Blood Angels vs Ultramarines by James

So yesterday I finally got in a game against James and his Ultramarines. I want to begin this batrep by saying that James and I bicker over rules like elementary school girls when we play.

Capture the Flag
Table Corners

Ultramarine Army:
Land Raider Redeemer with assault termies, cassius and cantor
2 razor backs with lascannons,
4 combat squads with plasma cannons
Ironclad Dread in drop pod
Sternguard Vets in drop pod

Blood Angels:
My new standard mechanized list including 3 Baal Preds.

James won the die roll to go first, and gave the honor to me. I deploy only my Tactical squad and reserve the rest. James deployed every thing.

Turn One:
On my turn, all I had on the table was my Lascannon, which I fired at his Land Raider, hoping to get lucky... I missed. He dropped his Dreadnought right next to my base and moved up his razorbacks. The dread would get out but do nothing because the pod scattered out of range of my squad, and his Lascannons would kill a marine.

Tacticly, he knew I was coming with lots of firepower that could hurt his tanks, so he was keeping them back. Wether or not this was a good tactical decision is in the air. It pretty much just forced a tie. He would be unable to contest my base because he would end up with nothing that could reach it. But keeping his stuff back would deny me from getting my fast moving stuff to his base, and kept enough fire power to completely destroy any thing that did.

Turn Two:

Not a lot of my stuff came on in reserves. My furioso, attack bike, speeder and a Baal Pred would come out, along with a rhino that I put on my base to secure my objective. But of course, I rolled a LOT of ones. It is truely sickening. I need to go to Vegas and find a game that rewards low rolling... I will clean up. I fired all my shots at his dread an merely caused a shaken. That was 2 Multimeltas at point blank range, my furioso, and my Baal Pred. Bah. I would fire my Lascannon at the ironclad as well, and fail to wound.

He would manage to get in his second pod with the vets. They combat squad and split, one takes out my attack bike, the other kills a couple marines. The Ironclad retreats from my furioso... coward. That showdown would have to wait. His lascannons stun my Baal. But he still does not move up his LR...

Turn Three:
Dante would come out to play, along with another Baal and Rhino, my DC with Corbs would fail to deploy.

I jump Dante right at one of his combat squads, and shoot at it, along with moving my Furioso into assault range on the other. They would BOTH fail morale tests to losing models, and fall back out of my assault range... grr... Now my Dread is lined up for the Ironclad to charge... I moved my new rhino up on the flank to try to get into position to contest his base... I fired my Speeder at one of his pods in an act of self preservation, those storm bolters can hurt! All I wanted to do was knock the gun off, but I exploded it instead... helping his line of sight... drat.

On his turn, he would open up on Dante with his Hellfire rounds, but did not know that Dante has Artificer armor... and fails to wound. He now charges his Ironclad at my Furioso, misses with his Melta, and moves into close combat. He moved his LR 12" and fired his Multi Melta at my Flanking Rhino, destroying it. Drat.

Time for assault and a rant!... And here is one of the problems I have with 40k tournaments. James I love ya and you are a good friend, I'm not attacking you because this is the way you and I have come to play. Between friends, we can bust each others balls like this. I am just remarking on the situation...

Models within 12" of Dante get preferred enemy. James charged my Furioso with his Ironclad. After a brief arguement that yes, I would get preferred enemy against his Ironclad (James argued that the dread was a vehicle and denies preferred enemy...a look in the book proved the truth), James questioned that the Furioso was not in range of Dante. We busted out the tape, and without disturbing the models, measured the distance, it appeared close, but I felt it was in range, james disputed... we were talking millimeters, and I was not at the edge of Dante's base yet. To get that close would mean possibly nudging the model, changing its range, blah blah... So now I try to get an exact measurement, and I put the tape exactly at the edge of Dante's base, but in the process disturb the model and James objects because it appears that I attempted to move the model closer... Guhh... In the end, I relented, and suggested a roll off which goes poorly in my favor, and my Furioso does not get the preferred enemy. This situation comes up often and is one thing I can do without.

I remember in one of my first 40k games against a stranger, the guy kept insisting that I move back a tank during deployment because a corner of its hull was over the deployment zone... we were talking an eighth of an inch... but I could not move the tank back any further due to terrain and he knew it... he kept busting out his tape and measureing the placement of my tank... and that was only the second model of deployment! I took that as an indicator of how much I would enjoy playing that game and bowed out of it. Yes, he was right, my model was 1/8" over the deployment line. Yes, he was right by the rules that I had to move the model. The question I put to you is at what point do you put away the damn tapes and enjoy the game?

In the situation with James, it was so close that we would have needed a laser sighted micrometer to get the exact distance. There was terrain in the way which made it hard to get the tapes in a straight line. Once I bumped Dante while trying to pinpoint the measurement, it was over. But this situation happened 3 or 4 times during the game... where I had to get the tape exactlly at the muzzle of a gun to prove range...

For the record, unless the guy starts out with being a total douche or has a record of being a douche, I will always give him the benefit of the doubt in close calls like that. If he needs to move his model a half an inch closer so that it stands, I am fine with that, even though moving it backwards half an inch would solve the same problem and he is getting an advantage. If a dude is a little bit short with a shot that might add some drama to the "story" we are creating, or if it might be close I will by all means say take the shot instead of busting out the laser sights and hubble space telescope to deny him his opportunity, even though by doing what I have the right to do, I could stop him from shooting and secure my win. It is called sportsmanship. Yes James, the game is about inches... or in this case, micrometers, but at some point reason should take over and the tapes should be put to rest. Maybe that is just the relative newcomer in me talking...(I have only been playing the game seriously about a year.) I see it all the time in tournaments, and breath a heavy sigh of disgust at the start of some games when I realise I am up against some uber douche and am about to spend the next 2.5 hours quietly wishing I could choke this Dilbert with his nob bikers.

But in the end, it didnt matter. Karma took over. James missed all of his attacks with his Ironclad, while my Furioso, without Dante's preferred enemy, landed 3 or 4 pens, and exploded the sucker.

Turn Four:
The rest of my stuff came on the table. I send the DC and another Rhino to flank his base. Dante and the Furioso mopped up the last of his Vets near my base, and I secured the lanes of approach for his tanks, completely securing my base. I moved up a rhino into attack position for his base and popped smoke. I imobilized one of his Razorbacks, the other was stuck on terrain. All that he could do now was defend his own base and tie the game.

On his shooting, he would destroy my DC rhino with his LR, and also wipe out most of one of my assault squads with the flamer. That of course did not matter, they were stranded and had no weapons to do any damage.

Turn Five:
The stage was set. I had to make my move. I rolled "fast vehicle" for my rhino, and sped it into his base. I tank shocked my way into his objective, and he death or gloried, failing to stop the tank. Now they had to hold. I assaulted his LR with my Death Company. I was hoping for an Imobilized result. No such luck. There was nothing else I could do!

On his turn, he turned the LR about and moved it back to his base, unloaded his Terminators and commanders, and proceeded to completely obliterate my rhino and squad. Though, they almost lasted! It came down to the last few bolter shots (he had close to 20 marines and 2 or 3 templates shooting at 5 assault marines).

At the end of turn 5, I did not have his base contested, we rolled the dice, and a result was a 3, the game went to turn 6!

Turn Six:
I failed to roll fast vehicle for the only Baal Pred that was in range to contest his base. :( I did manage to destroy his LR with an assault cannon shot! His terminators charged and killed my Death Company, and that was about it for the turn. I moved every thing I could into range hoping for the game to go to turn 7. If the game did go to 7, I would have a good chance, as Dante was able to assault some of his defenders, and I had a posibility of moving a Baal onto his objective. But alas, the game ended. A draw.

Please dont let my rant spoil what was a great game! Again, I am not cussing out James, I am cussing out a situation that happens all the time in 40k. It was fun and in the end suspenseful. I had a couple of good shots at the win! Not easy to do in this scenario. Sooo, there you go. Look for the video soon. JB.

Warhammer 40k Blood Angels: Baal Predator hand painting for Golden Daemon

Here is a Baal Predator I am painting for an addition to my army. I decided to add 2 more Baal Preds, and drop a Furioso Dread and the Vindicator. Firstly, it was rare that I actually got both dreads into close combat. Usually, one just ended up sitting back and acting as a deterrent, or getting whacked early. As far as the vindicator, 5th edition has rendered them impotent. I dropped a vindi shot square on a squad of Orks... and killed 3. That should have been 15 dead orks... Every thing getting cover saves nowadays just simply makes the Vindi a fun diversion at best... people still remember their power, and fear what MIGHT happen, but the fact is that for every awesome shot, there are 10 that fizzle. The Baal Preds on the other hand... I played 2 vs Fritz and they owned... 3??? Why the F not!

So here is one that I am painting. I decided to go crazy with the free hand. I will probably enter this into the Baltimore Golden Daemon comp this spring at Gamesday. Check it out! :)

Samples from a happy customer!

Here are some Blood Angels models painted by a brand new 40k player using my videos! He bought the Black Reach box set, and my How to Paint Blood Angels video set, and voila! Not bad man!


Keep it up and if you want me to post your stuff, send me an email! JB.

Warhammer 40k Blood Angels How to Paint Videos really work!

Here is another pic from a customer who loved my videos! He bought my "How to Paint Blood Angels" video set and painted these scouts.

Warhammer 40k: www.jawaballsproductions.com presents Mike Cho

Here is a link to a new blog by a buddy of mine Mike Cho. http://micho-bp40k.blogspot.com/ Go check him out! He is a Golden Daemon winner and down right good, and insightful painter.

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