Black Templars banner!

Here is my black templars banner. This is a test post for new blog template featured post widget.



Darkwynn said...

I want that so bad for my game room :)

Also you need it to stop taking you to another webpage when you post a comment. Should be able to do it on the same page without jumping to another page to make a post.

Jawaballs said...

I need to switch to discus for that reason!

Jawaballs said...

Comment test?

Jawaballs said...

Ok you should now be able to comment without opening another page.

Michael said...

I like it Jawa.

Any plans for a tutorial of sorts? Meaning how you get it all together, dimensions of cloth/canvas, etc.

I'm anxious to try my hand at something similar. Thanks for the inspiration!

Jawaballs said...

Ive made several videos about the various banners on youtube. If you don't already watch my youtube channel, you need to go become a subscriber! I do plan on making an extensive tutorial on making them soon.

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