Black Templars High Marshal Helbrecht Banner!

Transmission to Black Templars main fleet:

Menial Artisan: "Inform the High Marshal, his banner is ready..."
Helbrecht Aide: "Please transmit vidpic of finished image for approval you dolt."
....sssskkkttttt..... roger.... ssssskkkktttt...

Helbrecht Aide: "What in the name of the Emperor is this afrontery?"  
Menial Artisan: Gulp... er... What ever do you mean?

Hehe, I lack Fritz's dramatic touch. Any way, I messed up painting Helbrecht on the banner. This just goes to show that I am not an art machine!  The truth is that Stout Smurf was in my room working on his dreadnought and distracting me by arguing about how to paint blue after asking for my help.  That is what leads to Mr. Helrecht getting the wrong banner.  

What is worse? After I repainted the scroll and prepped it for the letters again, I misspelled it again! This time I left out the L.  Haha. I have some video going up soon showing this blunder. Too funny!  The best is that as I was painting the HEL I was thinking to myself, man there is much more room here than I thought I would have for these letters.  You see, the first letter I paint is the middle letter right in the middle of the scroll. Then I work out to the right and left one letter at a time.  SO I painted the R, then the E on the right, then on the left I should have put a B, but skipped it and went with an L.  Didnt notice until I was shooting pictures.  :)  Any way, here is the nearly completed banner along with the Space Wolves in the back ground which is awaiting the final payment to clear.  

Coming up next? I have a custom banner for a gaming club called Hogs of War, Stout Smurfs 2nd company Ultramarines banner, The Ultramarines Chapter Banner and another commission, either a Wood Elf banner or the Grey Knights.

More to come!


Dominic said...


I'd just like to say how stunning I think your banners are; the work and effort you must have put in really show and they are something special!

I've been a follower of your blog for some time now and have appreciated the tactics and advice you have posted. With the release of the Grey Knights, I've decided to start my own blog up. I was just wondering if you would be able to add it to your blog roll and maybe just give it a mention at the end of you next post as I want to try and get as many people following it as soon as I can, I've already got some articles posted (and more waiting to be posted), I just need someone to read them!

Many thanks,


Michael Hogan said...

Very nice. Looking forward to seeing the next banner up.

Have you been working on any more painting guide to put online for sale? *Wink wink*.

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