Big banner order out the door!

I finally finished the banner order for Dropzone Games, a new store opening in Maryland very soon. More details to come on that asap, but for now, here are the banners! I want to say that I am VERY proud of these. I put a lot of heart into making these as perfect as I could.

This was the first of the set that I made. I wanted to keep it simple and efficient. 

That was good, because the next two nearly broke me. :)  This banner was hands down the most difficult one I have done to date.  The boys at Dropzone were very particular about what they wanted, with all rights. They were making a big investment, and of course, the customer is always right.  I struggled for weeks on how I was going to do the cross pattern in the back, until finally I decided to make a stencil. So I got out my xacto and some stiff card stock and went to work with a ruler.

I cut a single row of crosses, and used Liquitex spray acrylic to spray the crosses onto the fabric.  My stencil started breaking down by the end, but it worked. With that done, I was able to do the main image. 

The next challenge was to get the large block of latin copy to fit on the pages of the book and of course paint each of the letters by hand. Normally with this sort of thing I just do gibberish letters. 

The scrolls at the bottom were a little different. They wanted some copy based on Arabic, so I made up some script to fill the pages using a style of lettering that resembled it.

It was the best banner I had done to date, then I did the next one.

Hand painting straight lines is hard. Especially 90 degree angles. These little crosses took me the better part of a week to get right. But also, they had to line up not only with the main image, but the squares in the checker pattern and the images below. My trusty ruler came through, and I managed to get every thing to line up on the first try.  :) Remember, this banner is 3x7 feet. It is not quite that easy to judge if something six feet away is lined up with an image I just drew. 

If you have ever tried to paint something symmetrical, you can feel my pain. The wreath in the main image, and the one at the bottom were their own little challenges. They needed to look the same on both sides, same curve, same end point. 

I particularly like the star field. I stippled lighter and lighter shades of blue to make the "space". The star arrangement took many attempts. They wanted at least four stars, with the biggest one in the lower left. Maybe the guys at Dropzone can pop in and share some insight! They were also particular about three skulls on the scroll.  

I think my favorite part is the skull. I painted with metallics on brown, something I never tried before, and I like how it came out. Looking at the picture, I could probably have given it another highlight with an even lighter gold, but I am still pleased with it.

So there you go! These are on their way out. Next is Night Lords, Death Company, Blood Angels Chapter banner, and a custom IG one.  

Keep em coming!  



Karitas said...

Mate you seriously need to invest in a projector of some kind, I mean your work is awesome, and it looks like you wont be stopping doing these any time soon, but the pain you are enduring...

whenever I scale up an artwork, I pin the new larger canvas to the wall and project the smaller work onto it.. i use a data projector and laptop now, but when i started it was an old school ohp, and stuff printed drawn or hptocopied onto acetate..

once the stuff is projected onto the new canvas, you simply draw out the projected lines.. it makes an excellent guide for the work to follow.

IDICBeer 40k said...

Really great work Chris, wouldn't it be great if every gaming store in the world had a Jawa Banner! LOL

Jawaballs said...

Karitas, I use one sometimes. I have my overhead projector at school and I use transparencies to sometimes help with the images, but it is not the most accurate way, especially for laying out things like those crosses. I don't like to rely on it though, I don't have access to it all the time!

Idicbeer I agree, EVERY store should have a jawa banner. So should every man cave for that matter.

Kevinmcd28 said...

Nice MNN on the raven banner...also whats the closest GW equivelent to the lighter of the greys on the raven....Im looking for that similar color for my new chaos army but cant find the right one

Ming said...

Interesting, but why all the cross imagery? Seems a bit off the gothic theme presented in GW's fictional universe. Was requested?

Jawaballs said...

Those were the images the clients wanted. Kevin, I just mixed some Liquitex neutral grey with black to get the grey. The closest would be Codex grey mixed since it is neutral.

Ad Astra said...


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