Night Lords Chapter Banner!

Now for something particularly terrible!  The Night Lords chapter banner!

The client wanted a Night Lords banner that inspired terror. He wanted it a little more realistic than the standard banners, with a more horror inspiring skull.  He sent me a picture for reference.  He wanted a "Negative Space" chaos star behind the main image, illuminated by the crashing lightning bolt behind it.

After playing around with a few ways to do this, I decided to use masking tape to make the star, then painted right over it. I put down layers of blue, getting lighter and lighter, to create the glow effect. Then I did the hard edged bolt down the middle of the glow.

In the bottom left he wanted a nod to the 8th legion. So I added a roman numeral 8. He wanted an eclipsed sun in the center. I decided to go with a muted blue for the color of the sun. He wanted a few words on the right, not sure what they mean.  For the numbers, keeping with the dark Night Lords theme, I painted them black with a single grey highlight. The picture is a little dark so they are hard to read, but believe me, they look subtle but striking.

So there you go!  I am particularly pleased with the lightning effect on this one.  I had a lot of fun painting it.

Let me know if you want one for yourself! Next up, a special custom one for a client attending Wargamescon.  More on that soon.



IDICBeer 40k said...

I think it looks amazing. I would love to see your take on a Necron Banner, but I don't think the wife would let me have one hanging next to the bed lol

General Oadius said...

As much as I might dislike the Night Lords, this banner is nice. wtg Jawa, king of banners.

Will Wright said...

Looks snazzy,gives me an idea after seeing the old Cities of Death Battlemat going for $200
Hand Painted Battlemats,I may try someday,but seems like something you might have fun doing.
You use fabric paint or regular acrylic?

Will Wright said...

Thought of another good thing for battlemat.
I am thinking a light grey denim then.........
Self Made Iron-ons of rubble,aquillas,ect

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