Blood Angels: Flesh Tearers Full Size Banner

Flesh Tearers Banner

Here is my newest full size banner, The Flesh Tearers 4th Company!  This is an original design requested as commission. He wanted a 4th company banner, with 3 green blood drops, aquilla, saw blade and crossed edged swords. This is what I came up with!

I love painting these things. :)

As this summer rolls on I am going to get into painting my new army. I finished up with the NOVA models not long ago, and Grad School is FINALLY done next week.  That will let me change focus to my toys again!  So look for more updates on my painting, and playing as I break out the new army on the table at the local store, and get in some X wing games against Jim.

More to come!

Oh and take a look at one of my new FB pages!


greggles said...

Wow...a full size banner...that is EPIC!

IDICBeer 40k said...

Awesome work on the banner, looking forward to more content :D

Jawaballs said...

Greg look in the right margin of my blog you will see all the banners I have created over the years! And thanks guys. ;)

Paul Chappell said...

Wow, and since it is one of the armies I've played for years, is especially good seeing such a well done banner. Quite impressive, thanks for sharing!

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