Hand Painted Banner. Word Bearers Pre Heresy!

Here is the mostly finished next addition to my hand painted banner service.  The Word Bearers chapter Banner.

This is one of several commissioned by new gaming store opening up soon! I need that website guys!  This was easily the hardest one I have done to date.  I struggled with the cross pattern for weeks, trying to come up with the best way to do it. Finally I ended up buying a nice piece of mat board, since big cardboard would not hold up to the spray, and I cut a stencil to make the cross pattern, and sprayed the crosses onto the fabric.  It seems simple now, but believe me, that was the end result of many failed attempts of trying to get it right.

The problem was the rigid pattern that the crosses are arranged in.  The lines had to be straight. I do these things free hand, aided with a big long ruler that I use to lay out lines.  But more importantly here, the freehand nature prohibits consistent things like the crosses that had to be identical.  Symmetry and order are not easy! :)

Then came the copy on the book and scrolls.  I almost got the copy on the book perfectly, but had to cram some in at the end. The guys sent me a big block of latin they wanted scribed onto the pages.  I can't promise I spelled all the words right, but I am pretty happy with how it looks!

The bottom scrolls are just some gibberish letters in an arabic sort of script.

Whats left? After looking at the pictures, I need to add some highlight to the bottom flames, and some highlights on all the pages and scrolls. Then on to the next!

The next one for these clients is the Raven Guard redo, but before I start that project I was hoping for a refined image.  For the word bearers they originally sent me a small thumbnail then found a much better one and I was hoping for the same thing to happen with the Raven Guard.

In the meantime, I am going to bang out one of the next guys in queue. A Space Wolves chapter banner is next! I have already done one, which can be found HERE. I personally love this banner. It really translates well from artwork to real life.  I hope to bang out this one quick.

More to come!



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