New full sized banner: Space Wolves Chapter Banner!

Here is another Space Wolves Chapter Banner I am doing full sized.

It's time to pump this one out!  While I wait for another black banner from my seamstress to complete the first order for Dropzone Games, I am squeezing in this Space Wolves Chapter Banner. The standard chapter banners are much quicker than the more custom ones.  This one should be done by tomorrow. :)  Hope the customer enjoys! Here you can see the base colors I put down before I work in the details.

These banners are a great investment for your club, GT or organization. Do check out my other banners to the right!  There are links to all the ones I have done.

Up next? Raven Guard, Blood Angels, Night Lords and a customized one based on Crimson Fist.



Boarding Mission said...

That looks gorgeous.
Ron, FTW

Michael Hogan said...

The wolf looks awesome, great job.

Will Goins said...

You will never defeat my robot scorpian army!

Warboss Gubbinz said...

that looks beautiful, keep doing these, i'll be putting in an order soon :)

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