Hand Painted banner: Custom Banner, The Lions of Harlech!

Busy busy with the banners!

Here is my newest banner, The Lions of Harlech, a custom banner done for a client with his own chapter.  The iconography was borrowed from a Crimson Fist banner in the codex, with a few additions and the substitution of the lion in the center.  It is almost done but the top seems a bit empty. I am going to add some more highlights to the stone stylized aquilla, but will probably paint a little scrolling at the top as well, and the Roman Numerals VII.  The flange on the bottom right is going to get purity seals.  I am very pleased with how this one came out!  Now to do a matching miniature banner for his standard bearer and the finishing touches on this one and another one is in the mail.

If you would like one for your self or your club or event, drop me a line!  I am charging about three and a half Black Reach box sets for them.  Or 10 space marine razorbacks. :)  But honestly that is the best I can do. The banner alone costs me 100 bucks to have made with labor and fabric, plus I go through at least 30.00 worth of paint and gesso.

But if it is within your budget, they look great in the man cave or club room!

Here is the banner I did for Alabama CAGE match, a state wide tournament. Give me a shout!

Related, Lee Guthrie (Left I believe) was the winner of this tournament in Alabama, and sadly it seems he has passed away after taking this picture. I don't know many details, but I think he suffered heart failure while jogging. I didn't know Lee, but I am sorry to see any battle brother pass.  My thoughts are with you Lee.

In honor of his life, I will be donating 50.00 from my next banner sale to the Lee Guthrie Fund. I will also be digging out one of my older cherished models and giving it to them to use as a charity auction prize.  I will post this info again tomorrow with more info and a dedicated post, but if you are interested in donating to help Lee's family here is some info:

Lee Guthrie Fund 
3150B Lorna Road, 
Hoover AL 35216

As I understand, you can send any thing you wish to donate to that address. 

So who wants to share in making that next banner and my donation possible? 

Battle on Lee.  



Brian Carlson said...

Beautiful work on the banner as always. Sorry to hear the news about Lee passing, I'll kick in some funds.

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