New Raven Guard Banner

Hey Folks, Here is a quicky update on my most recent banner!  This is the Raven Guard Redo that I am doing for a client. The first one, while very nice, was not what they wanted because of the amount of liberties I took with making it. SO I am doing this one for them.

It is mostly done, I just have to enhance the dark grey Raven, add a star field in the bottom right and a few other details, then clean it up.

Coming up I have a bunch! I have a couple of custom ones. One for an Imperial Guard mounted army, a custom space marine one for a client in Texas, but I won't go too into detail until I hear from him. I think he wants it as a surprise.  Also I have a Death Company one for Spikey Bits, and a Night Lords one for another client.  Then there is my Gamesday 2012 banner.

By the way, I am looking for some one from the Chicago area to build me this years pole for my banner!  If you live in Chicago and are willing to help me, send me a shout and we can talk details.  Since I am flying, I need some one on the ground to help with getting a pole to Gamesday, etc. Let me know if you are in the area and willing to lend a hand!

This week I am planning to discuss my new drop pod army. I will be airbrushing more pods this week and I just rebased all the infantry. So I will have some of that to show you, including a "how to" on airbrushing. It won't be much as I just taught myself recently and have been practicing, but I have found little instructional material out there so I figure any thing I put out will be helpful.

UGH!  Oh the hazards of using my classroom as a studio...

I started writing this post at the end of the day on Friday and left it unfinished until this morning. I took the first pic then. I came in this morning to find that a mystery painter added his touches to my banner.  Over the weekend there is a painting class that uses my room it seems. I forgot. They got hold of a brush and my paint palet and tried their hand a painting a Jawa Banner.

It's totally my fault. I should have put away the banner and paints.  But God Damn this is some pretty inconsiderate shit.  The least they could have done was wipe up the gob of white paint they poured on the banner so I didn't dry in a big clump. Grrr...



Feldmarshal Goehring said...

I don't know what to say. I can understand your frustration.

Nevertheless, it looks really good overall.

Boarding Mission said...

The banner looks great. It's unfortunate that folks can't respect what they find in classrooms these days especially if it's not theirs.

Hopefully you can fix it and your client will never know.

Ron, FTW

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