Ultramarines Chapter Banner!

Here is my newest hand made Ultramarines Chapter Banner!

Ultramarines Chapter Banner

This is the second time I have done this one.  I had to make some changes. First this particular banner is extremely detailed and I had to simplify it a tad.  One issue is the tabs on the bottom, the original one has 4 tabs but the template that my seamstress has for my banners is only a 3 tab banner.  So I had to make it fit.

This time around I feel I did a much better job with the genestealer and ultramarine. My first go around with the stealer specifically was kind of flat and uninteresting. This time I managed to get more roundness out of him. I also went with purple. I think the other one was red and black.  On the most recent image of the banner I found he was purple.

If you are curious, these banners are 36" wide by about 8 feet long.  The rectangular space, minus the tabs is 3x6 feet.  They look amazing in a convention hall full of gamers! :)

My next one is a unique banner for a custom army called the Knights of the Golden Panda based on The Blood Angels.

Stay tuned!



Kurt Mifsud Bonnici said...

Awesome looking banner dude. Well done. "Knights of the Golden Panda"???! .. people should be shot for giving such ridiculous names to space marine chapters

Jawaballs said...

Thanks! And it is actually a pretty good idea. He has a lot of back story to it and some pretty good reference work. The banner is going to be nice!

IDICBeer 40k said...

Fantastic work Jawa :D

John Stiening said...

That looks great. The slogan on the top is creepy though!

Black Matt said...

Looking good!

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